Toilet Cleaner 250ML



Product Description:

A specialized all-in-one product, Toilet Cleaner is the ultimate one stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs. Unlike ordinary toilet cleaners, our Toilet Cleaner has a thick liquid formula that clings to the toilet surface to clean deeply from the rim to the u-bend. Moreover, it also disinfects your toilet and now, with the improved Health Support technology, you get a sparkling clean, hygienic and fresh toilet with every use of Toilet Cleaner. Toilet Cleaner is many times better than the ordinary bleach, acid and phenyl, when it comes to cleaning, fragrance as well as germ kill. Regular use of Toilet Cleaner prevents the build-up of stains in the toilet bowl and keeps it visibly clean with effective removal of germs in the toilet. Toilet Cleaner strategically bent bottleneck shape lets you pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim, without letting your hands touch giving you all round cleaning.
Where to Use:
1. Commode 2. Flush
How to Use:
1. Press sides of cap and twist counter clockwise to open.
2. Squeeze liquid around the bowl and under the rim.
3. Let liquid spread from rim to U-bend.
4. Leave for 20 mins; brush lightly and flush.
1. 10X Max Clean.
2. Kills 99.9% germs* and viruses.
3. Effective to kill viruses including Covid-19 virus
1. 10X better limescale removal vs. ordinary bleaching and detergent powders.
2. Kills 99.9% germs post 5 minutes of contact with undiluted product.
3. As tested undiluted on SARS-CoV-2 after 5 minutes contact.


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