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Health Support is established in 2017 as Income Tax and Sale Tax registered firm. Since our inception we have secured a fair sized base supplying not only hygiene products but also office Supplies, Janitorial supplies, medical gases and nutritional services for various problems including weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, cholesterol and stomach disorders etc. We consider ourselves a “one stop” supplier satisfying client demand. During our short existence, we have already become known locally and we have grown client base thanks to our great personnel and dedicated belief in client satisfaction. Being a Service Provider, we are capturing clients through our rapid services and compatible rates both in cash and on credit. Our firm is registered, based in Islamabad and delivering at door step throughout Pakistan. Our working edge on our competitor is the way we work, professionally!

Health Support maintains panel Nutritionists and Dieticians for providing consultancy for following nutritional problems:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Diabetes
  5. Stomach Disorders
  6. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  7. Height Increase

Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan is associated with Health Support for preparing diet plans for the above listed nutritional problems. He is a qualified Nutritionist in Islamabad with over 18 years in the food and nutrition field. With numerous qualifications, he provides the best treatment for all nutrition plans and weight loss.

Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan has treated over 2100 number of patients through his clinic in Islamabad, online consultancy services including Marham and Oladoc etc. He has more than 500 number of reviews on various platforms. You can book an appointment with doctor Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan through our website.

Role of Nutritionist:

Nutritionists like Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan- Nutritionist give evidence-based information and advice on the effects of food and nutrition on the health and well-being of humans (individually or as a group). It is critical that nutritionists grasp the scientific foundation of nutrition.

Registered Nutritionists are those who have at least a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science. They have the knowledge and expertise to give evidence-based information.

A nutritionist like Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan can work with persons who have pre-existing medical issues as long as the services they provide are not related to the nutritional management or treatment of their medical condition (except in partnership with the healthcare professional who is treating the individual’s condition) and the support/advice provided is not in conflict with any dietary management of their medical condition.

Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan advises people on food and how it affects their health. They may plan, organize, administer, and assess community health initiatives aimed at improving health and well-being via food and nutrition.

However, a nutritionist is not licensed to give medical advice or administer medical nutrition therapy. This is a dietitian’s job. A dietitian has the qualifications to work in a hospital, community, or private practice, as well as to prescribe nutritional treatment and check clinical competency on an ongoing basis.

Qualifications: PhD from University of Karachi, Pakistan with postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition from University of Agriculture, Peshawar.

Professional Memberships: He is member of American Society of Nutrition and Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetics Society.

Doctor’s Experience: Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan has been dealing patients with all Nutritionist related diseases for the past 18 years and has an excellent success rate.

Patient Satisfaction Score: Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan has an impressive 98 patient satisfaction score and has received positive reviews from Marham and Oladoc Users.

Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan Appointment Details: Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan, the Nutritionist, is available for in-person and online video consultation.

Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan

BCL Consultants Clinic

Asif Plaza, Ground Floor, Near Bee Well Hospital

Fazl-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.

051-2717086, 03335993630