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To help support your body and mind and ease into a weight loss plan, there are some simple strategies that will avoid pilling on the pounds this festive season. These tips, which are in the form of smoothie, salads and other healthier options, will cleanse your system and keep you from getting dehydrated. 1. Healthy Sweets Sweets acts as an attraction during Christmas and holiday season. Have sweets made from dates, jaggery, raisins, etc. If you feel hungry for SUGAR, maybe you need water. Many times you are thirsty, you read it as hunger and overeat. If you just had a piece of cake and want to go for next, then have a glass of water first. Most likely you were thirsty and you don’t need the next piece. 2. Smoothie How it works - the electrolytes in a smoothie will help you rehydrate, clear stomach in the morning - not to forget the skin glow. When we grind vegetables we are able to get nutrients which are otherwise unavailable for absorption. If you want to maintain health and weight, you can opt for 2-3 glasses of vegetable smoothie during the day. During winter season carrot, beetroot, amla and raw haldi are commonly used ingredients in juice but you can make a smoothie out of it. You may pick any 2-3 types of seasonal vegetable available in your region. Add a bit of carrot or pineapple for sweetness, water for consistency and your smoothie is ready. It will keep you full for a good 2 hours. 3. Salads Truth is, raw or stir fried vegetables gives you fullness and the least number of calories per meal. Include salads in any form whether raw or half cooked in your daily routine. In addition to restricted calorie supply, salads will add to your skin glow and freshness. Remember these are guidelines for healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance. It is suggested that self experimentation with food for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes or cholesterol may harm your body and expert advice of nutritionist is essential to achieve your target.

Written By Dr. Muhammad Israr

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